Improving Real Property Tax Administration (RPTA) through Comprehensive Development Planning

In September 2005 we worked on Development Beyond Political Boundaries in 3 municipalities of Balingoan, Medina and Talisayan of the province of Misamis Oriental in Region X. By the start of 2006, the European Union office in the Philippines funded this project focused on the main objective that is to promote inter local cooperation. This is one of the main advocacies of the foundation that promotes close cooperation andcollaboration between LGUs. By 2007, the funding support from EU ended but on the foundation’s own initiative, the project continued expanding to 6 then 9 and now 16 municipalities in the province. The objective is to cover the whole province and serve as a model for other LGUs.

In promoting interlocal cooperation, the municipalities were clustered into groups of 3 to 4. Each cluster was then made to determine and agree to undertake 2 common projects along with the GIS based RPTA project. The objective is to develop the capacity of individual LGUs to work with a common initiative thereby emphasizing the advantage of pooling resources and initiatives together. Aside from having them work together, considering especially that the fundamental output of GIS are maps of parcels of lands, boundary issues may also be resolved in the process.

We continuously review and assess our initiatives that in 2008, we expanded the use of GIS technology and have since revised it to include and promote comprehensive planning. This comprehensive planning ensures that all necessary information for planning that includes revenue generation and program and policy direction are now available to key departments in the province. This means that there is an incentive for policy makers to undertake measures based on facts that the impact may likewise be ascertained.