The new millennium ushered an entirely different age for the whole world and the main challenge ahead is development from across continents and peoples. In 2001, responding to the challenges of the new age, the United Nations have set eight international development goals.

The goal s are achievable only if governments are made to work extensively on its primary function of providing basic services and of course working as the catalyst for economic and social development. With the simultaneous trends of globalization and democratization, local governments have become integral to governance that their effective functioning is fundamental for national government to meet its goals.

To be able to fulfill this function, LGUs have to substantially integrate these goals to their work, especially in the development plans and specifically in the local programs and policies.There has to be a way to understand the challenges of the LGU concerned and design a program that will assist in the functional integration of the MDGs to their work. This program will require at least 3 full days of lecture and workshop which should include an analysis of the particular situation, understanding and the adaptation of the MDGs to the plans and programs. This program is a part of the Comprehensive Planning program but LGUs may opt to just consider it separately.