Sound policies, clear-cut program direction and efficient management of resources are only some of the output that speak of good leadership. To make all these things possible, it is imperative to institutionalize good planning. Governance should mean essentially knowing what is to be done in government and part of this is to harness the resources of the institution.

Resources have to be sourced appropriately and adequately so that the government can set its sights on what it aims to be in a particular period of time. Having a plan is the key for any institution’s success where it is able to identify its objectives, the means to achieve it , as well as the ability to evaluate its performance. Officials should then know how to operationalize this principle and ensure that a comprehensive plan is made integral to its work. Comprehensive Planning is one of the key advocacies and main programs of the Foundation. It is a scientific, holistic and collaborative approach in the design, implementation and evaluation of programs. The course emphasize the importance of the creation and maintenance of a baseline database that shall serve as a core source of information. The database will then be made available to all departments of the local government unit thus, fostering an inter-agency cooperation in the formulation of developmental plans.

gislogoUsing the Geographic Information System (GIS), partners can generate a digital basemap of their local government units featuring socioeconomic profile, demographics, territorial boundaries, survey of disaster-prone areas etc., all relevant to developmental planning. Creating a basel ine database provides a partner LGU an objective assessment the real situation at hand. This will allow them to pinpoint and design specific programs addressing their priority areas of concerns; anticipate and identify emerging trends and threats that might affect service delivery; efficiently improve real property tax assessment and taxation; ingrain transparency; efficiently manage resources and tap possible revenue generating source among others.

This program is best undertaken as a continuing training for local officials as it integrates the key departments of budget, assessors and planning. Of course, the other departments naturally are part of the whole training; their inclusion in the program is dependent on the LGU concerned though. Depending on the particular design prepared for the host LGU, the program is output based, and thus will be scheduled according to the deliverables of the LGU.