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Federalism and the BBL

Federalism and the BBL

An attempt to put things in perspective

By Edmund S. Tayao

Why the BBL was not included in the recently declared priorities of the government is not clear.  What is more unclear is the assertion from some quarters at the outset that because Federalism is declared to be a priority, the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is then not a priority.  While it is not categorically mentioned in the list, the fact that federalism is given priority after the new BBL was drafted and submitted to Congress, it can only mean that the Bangsamoro initiative is very much a priority.  Continue reading “Federalism and the BBL”

Why Federalism Why a Federalist is now an anti-Federalist.pptx

Why federalism? Why a federalist is now an anti-federalist?

By Edmund Tayao

As posted: May 05 2017, ABS-CBN News, Blog

Interesting how media works or is made to work today, especially in this part of the world. While traditionally the media is a source of information, it has since been transformed to be a veritable source of misinformation as well. For a while it was just a matter of editorializing news, now it can be outright misinformation. We can perhaps just assume, so as not to point a finger, it is due largely to the growing sophistication of technology. Now everyone can speak and write to a big public audience, including this writer.

Continue reading “Why federalism? Why a federalist is now an anti-federalist?”