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VMLP 2018 National Executive Board Meeting

2nd Quarter 2018 VMLP National Executive Board and Consultative Meeting

On May 9 2018, Prof. Edmund Tayao was invited as a resource speaker by the Vice Mayor’s League of the Philippines (VMLP) to their National Executive Board and Consultative Meeting at the Ballroom of the Diamond Hotel in Manila City. The VMLP is an organization composed of 1,632 Vice Mayors from all cities and municipalities of the Philippines.

With each regions of the Philippines represented in the event, Prof. Tayao discussed the challenges that LGUs are facing today under a unitary government, and talks about the need to shift to a federal form of government. The discussion mostly revolved on the transition phase, which is the primary concern of the vice mayors. The presentation was then followed by an open forum, where the vice mayors are given the chance to express their opinions and inquiries, mostly on the transition period.

Prof. Tayao also talked with the VMLP President Donnabel Joy Mejia of Magsaysay, Davao del Sur to discuss the league’s proposals and insights in drafting the new federal constitution.