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Preparing LGUs for Federalism: Local Governance in a Federal Philippines

On April 20 2018, Prof. Edmund Tayao was invited by the Provincial Government of Bulacan for an orientation entitled “Preparing LGUs for Federalism: Local Governance in a Federal Philippines” held at St. Agatha Resort and Hotel in Guiguinto, Bulacan, which was attended by the Mayors and Sangguniang Bayan at Panlungsod of each of municipalities and cities of Bulacan. The orientation aims to prepare LGUs of Bulacan to federalism by giving lectures on its political, administrative, and fiscal aspects, as well as the transition period.

The event started with an introduction by the Hon. Wilhelmino M. Sy-Alvarado , Provincial Governor of Bulacan and former scholar of LOGODEF. In his speech, the Governor points out that the same system that gave us democracy is now manifesting signs of defect, and it is now the time to put an end to the monopoly of power of the national government. The Governor expressed his support to federalism.

In his presentation entitled “Configuring LGUs in the Proposed Federal form of Governement”, Prof. Tayao discussed the recent developments in the Consultative Committee to Review the 1987 Constitution (Concom), the charter review body of which he is a member. Prof. Tayao presented an overview of federalism and its implications to the LGUs, and discussed the proposed political and electoral systems.

Also at the event as resource speakers are Atty. Al Oxales of the PDP Laban Federalism Institute with his presentation entitled “Incremental Federalism: Steps to a Successful Shift to a Federal System”, Director Novel Bangsal of the Congressional Policy and Budget Research Department (CPBRD) of the House of Representatives who discussed the “Indispensability of Coordinated Local Development Planning”, and Fiscal Decentralization expert Dr. Antonio Avila who discussed “Imperatives of Integrated Local Revenue Generation in a Federal Government.”

The event was concluded by Hon. Daniel Fernando, Vice Governor of Bulacan.