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Prof. Tayao Presents Electoral System and Political Party Reform to Con-Com Sub-Committee

On March 7 2018 Prof. Edmund Tayao, member of the Consultative Committee to Review the 1987 Constitution (Con-Com), presented the proposed reforms on the electoral and political party systems in a Presidential Federal Philippine Government in the meeting of the Sub-Committee on Federal Government.

Among the proposed reforms is the desynchronization of elections, wherein the Presidential-Vice Presidential election will be held two years after the Regional elections. In the proposal, Prof. Tayao discussed that there is a need to desynchronize the elections because parties or coalitions with at least 20 percent presence in the national legislature shall nominate their own candidates for the Presidency and Vice Presidency, which shall be the only positions voted at large. The elected President and the Vice President will be from the same party as they are elected not as individual, but as a pair.

Another proposal of Prof. Tayao is to change the electoral system from the current First-Past-The-Post system (Majoritarian) to a more proportional Mixed Electoral system. The lower house shall be composed of fifty percent district members and the remaining half shall be voted through a closed list system of proportional representation. In his presentation, he justified the need to change the electoral system to strengthen political parties, ensure better representation, and lessen the parochial or personalistic politics rampant today in the country.