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Federalism in the Philippines and Its Implication to National Security

On March 15 2018, Prof. Edmund Tayao was invited to the 2nd Teatime of the Office of Naval Strategic Studies of the Philippine Navy (ONSS) with the theme “Federalism in the Philippines and its Implication to National Security” held at the NRMO Conference Room, Naval Station Jose Andrada in Manila City. The event was an informal focus group discussion that aims to discuss issues that are relevant to the strategy and operations of the Philippine Navy.

The occasion was started with a courtesy call with ONSS’ Director Captain Francisco Tagamolila. The Director also led the introduction of Prof. Edmund Tayao.

Aside from discussing the relevance of Charter Change and the shift to federalism, Prof. Tayao also discussed federalism and its implications to internal and external security operations, and its impact on the relationship between the Armed Force of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police in his presentation entitled “Federalism and Decentralization: Development and National Security.” He also gave the latest developments in the Consultative Committee to Review the 1987 Constitution (ConCom), of which he is a member.