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    LOGODEF organized a Capacity Building Program for the Municipality of Tuba, Benguet
Tuba Capacitation Program

LOGODEF organized a Capacity Building Program with the Municipality of Tuba, Benguet

LOGODEF organized a 2-day capacity building training with the LGU of Tuba, Benguet last 27-28 September 2016 at the Marand Resort and Spa, Bauang, La Union. The Program was composed of Tuba’s Executive and Legislative bodies consolidating their respective efforts for their Executive-Legislative Agenda and Development Plans in the future.

The program was also set as a benchmark to Tuba’s development plans for the years 2016-2019. The capacitation program was welcomed by an Introduction to Tuba through lecture presentations from the Municipality of Tuba and the Provincial Planning and Development Office. The first lectures outline the current administration’s program of development and an overview of the Municipality’s capacity and potential in service delivery. After the Introductory course, a panel discussion followed to bring up questions and clarifications regarding the lectures.

An orientation of the program proper was presented by Dr. Mariano Guillermo, and then preceded by the breakout – workshop sessions. Simultaneous workshop sessions were in place both in days 1 and 2. The main theme for day 1 was for benchmarking purposes wherein both the legislative and executive teams fleshed out important issues in areas of local bureaucracy and local legislation. The second day of the program was devoted to the integration of the executive and the legislative’s output during the workshops.

During Day one of the program, Dr. Guillermo oriented the participants about the program proper of the event starting with a lecturette about the 10 commandments of listening followed by a review of the dynamics of organizational structure. Breakout sessions were employed for both the executive and the legislative teams. The workshops and lectures for the legislative team were facilitated by Dr. Gaudioso S. Sosmeña while the activities for the executive team were primarily facilitated by Dr. Guillermo and Dr. Nestor Pilar. The first workshop for the executive team was to flesh out local bureaucracy issues and problem areas, with the same method used for the legislative team however they used a roundtable discussion approach. Prof. Edmund Tayao gave a lecture after the morning workshops regarding Challenges and Opportunities in Local Governance. Workshops were held during the latter part of the day. The legislative team continued their roundtable discussions and proceeded with lectures on local legislation. Meanwhile, the executive team had a short course on sectoral programs assessment with Dr. Pilar and moved forward to evaluating their respective offices. The day ended with an understanding of the benchmarking activities of day one.

The second day started with a recapitulation of day 1 and its importance in the capacitation program, which was delivered through a short lecturette by Prof. Tayao. Afterwards, Councilor Jerome Palaoag initiated to present the legislative team’s output from day 1 which is about the output formulated in consultation with Dr. Sosmeña from Workshop II. An open forum followed wherein the LOGODEF team sat down to answer clarifications regarding the workshop and local governance. Prof. Tayao had a lecturette about the importance of having the Vision and Mission then gathered the participants to work on a slogan as a basis for Tuba’s Vision and Mission. The participants enjoyed themselves during this workshop as it brought them together on how the envision their municipality in the coming years. Lectures on program assessment mechanisms were discussed by Dr. Guillermo and Dr. Pilar then a final workshop for the executive team followed, which focused on drafting the 1st and 2nd quarter programs for 2017. The capacitation program ended with the integration of the executive and legislative’s output from day one.