This program is actually part of the Comprehensive Planning program. The host LGU on the other hand can request a specific training for this where local legislators are primary targets.

This training includes an assessment of the local situation for the participants, the process of legislation especially for beginners, and integrating new legislation with existing laws and plans of the LGU.

Setting the legislative agenda at the local level is notably different considering the LGU structure as provided for by law. The Vice Mayor presides the local assembly while the mayor basically sets the objectives of the LGU. It is important therefore that they are made to participate in this training, or this leg of the comprehensive planning. The head of the different departments are necessarily expected to take part as well.

This training may be undertaken for as short as 2 to 3 full days, again depending on the particular set of outputs the LGU have set to achieve. The main output is the agreed upon legislative agenda set by the participants expected to be translated to ordinances.